Why a Book?

Kevin Black

Kevin Black in the photo that started it all ~ 2003

The past decade has seen a successful series of events dedicated to helping Rett’s Silent Angels. Research brings us closer every day to finding a cure/reversal for the dreaded disorder.

Ten years of golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, Strollathons and concerts ushered in thousands upon thousands of dollars, donated to IRSF.

Because dads Dave Clements and Kevin Black have a passion for photography, it was decided by Dave to shift the focus to a project that would reach contributors on a broader scale, using photography as a means to make that happen.

Kevin’s photo, taken by Dave in 2003, became the inspiration behind Raising A Hand.

Realizing that all artists use their hands in one way or another for emphasis during a live performance, Dave—an avid music lover— decided that would become the common thread. The theme of “raising a hand” gave way to what has now become their exciting new book project.

All proceeds will go toward rettsyndrome.org to continue Dave Clements’ and Kevin and Clint Black’s ongoing determination to end Rett syndrome.

Dave’s Statement

When I first came up with the idea of doing a book for charity I really had no idea what I was getting myself and others into. I certainly didn’t think it would be the amount of work that it has become. Fortunately, I have had a career filled with hard work so in this regard I was well prepared. I guess one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how hard it is to pull so many things together that don’t naturally fit together…certainly nothing like a well designed puzzle.

Regardless of the barriers that we have been confronted with, or the obstacles we’ve encountered, there has never been a moment that I didn’t think our team could turn this crazy idea into a reality.

Interestingly, the unknown of what I was getting into is now a much clearer journey. What now excites me the most is the unknown of how this story will continue to unfold. There are so many paths that can be followed. Which ones will we follow and where will they lead us? We are clear only on what our goal is— and that is to raise awareness and dollars to find a cure for Rett syndrome. Just how many more people will know about RTT and care to make a difference will be impossible for us to predict, yet we will see our answer unfold over time.

The research community seems to be making terrific progress towards finding drugs that make a positive difference in these girls lives…will we make an equal difference? How many people will spend their money to be able to open up our book and see its contents? How many people will ‘raise a hand’ for Rett syndrome and the little girls afflicted with this dreadful disorder?

How many people will spend $35 to make a difference in someone’s life that they’ve never met? Certainly we are hoping that people around the globe will spend their hard earned money because either they like music, or perhaps they like photography, or they like books, or good causes, or little girls, or just have a few extra bucks that are burning holes their pockets. Perhaps they are a fan of one of our featured singers or have a favorite song sung or written by one of our artists. Perhaps they are a Texan and want to help another Texan, or an American helping another American, or a parent helping another parent. We are clueless who will raise a hand to help, however we really hope you will and, as importantly, we hope that you’ll be creative in your help.

Please consider how many gifts you give to others during the course of the year. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or you name it. Our book can make a nice gift at a reasonable price. And please consider that it really isn’t just a book. It’s a “tablet of hope” for a little girl— one who can’t talk or walk or feed herself, or ever engage in those things that you and I take for granted every day of our lives.

Please, please, please, help us help others. Stop drinking bottled water for one month and use your savings to buy a book. Stay home one more night during the year rather than going to the movies with your loved ones and save the money for a copy of the book.

Thanks for your help…thanks for raising a hand.